Globetrotting with Batela

Embrace the escapism trend and globetrot without leaving your living room with one of these majestic Globes from Batela Home & Giftware.
Available in three sizes, these make a great gift for your Dad, partner or the wander-lusting voyager in your life.

The Globe with Wooden Stand would make a great gift for the budding traveller. On a small but elegant wood base, it’s petite enough for the smallest of displays, whilst allowing you to detach from reality and plan your destination bucket-list.
The Colonial style of the Classic Globe is exactly what you would expect an intrepid adventurer like Indiana Jones to have in his study. Positioned on a brass stand and finished with a polished wooden base, this handmade globe is based on the Terrestrial Globe by Gerardus Mercator from 1541.
If you’re looking for a modern style map, brimming with colour to distinguish the different countries, look no further than the Globe with Brass Stand. With a large wooden stand and brass frame, this is the perfect library accessory for daydreaming to warmer climes.
Globe with Wooden Stand A - £12.00
Classic Globe C - £50.00
Globe with Brass Stand II B - £90.00

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